Intense lighting and red plants

If your aquarium has intense lighting (from 0,8 W/l fluorescent tubes with reflectors) and additional CO2 gas supply, and you have plants which are demanding to lighting and you want to reveal their bright colors, we recommend these products:

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  • Liquid products which are absorbed largely by plants through leaves:
    • VIMI ALL IN RED – complex fertilizer, balanced exactly for such type of aquariums;
    • For faster plants growth and algae prevention, we recommend using additional source of carbon – VIMI ACCELERATOR.
  • Substrate fertilizers, which are absorbed by plants through the roots:
    • VIMI BOTTOM LONLGASTING – for long term plant fertilizing through roots and slowly growing plants in a new set up aquarium;

  • VIMI BOTTOM LONGLASTING – we recommend inserting capsules under the roots of slowly growing aquarium plants deeper into the substrate not closer than 10 cm from each other. The fertilizer is effective in the substrate up to 4 month.

If the lighting of aquarium is intense it is necessary to supply additional CO2 gas.

  • do 1/3 – 1/2 aquarium water changing weekly;
  • use water filter with water pump capacity not less than 6 aquarium volume per hour (for example, 100 liters volume aquarium needs filter with not less than 600 l/h capacity water pump);
  • use soft water;
  • lighten aquarium for 6 – 10 hours per day;
  • use VIMI ALL IN ONE after plant cutting till the new plant’s leaves will start grow.
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