For aquarium with additional CO2 supply.

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Liquid, easily absorbed complex fertilizer meant to nourish plants in aquariums with additional CO2 supply. The composition of fertilizers is balanced for lush, fast and healthy growth of water plants.

  • Composition has nitrogen and phosphorus compounds which are easily absorbed by plants.
  • Fertilizer has all the necessary elements and substances (C, N, P, K, S, Mg, Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu, Mo, Co, Ni, vitamin C, citric acid, succinic acid, amino acids etc.).
  • Iron and other microelements are chelated so they stay in the water for a long time. These substances are easily absorbed by plants and have no side effects on the aquarium fauna.

For good growth plants need food!

  • Easy and fast dosage.
  • All the elements and substances are in one product.
  • Using this fertilizer frees you from testing the water with inaccurate tests.
  • Composition involves substances which increase plants resistance to stress stimulates faster recovery after transplantation and cutting, quick changes of aquarium conditions.
  • Some of the microelements are chelated with EDTA, iron is chelated with DTPA and EDTA. This allows keeping them in water without sedimentation and provides accessibility for plants for a long time in a wide pH scale.
  • As additional supplement DTPA chelator assures iron accessibility for plants event in hard water.
  • Part of nitrogen in the fertilizer is in a form of amide. Such nitrogen is easier absorbed by plants (carbamide transforms into ammonium through ferment hydrolysis – the form that is most easily absorbed by plants).
  • Fertilizers are completely compatible with EI (Estimative index) and other fertilizing methods.

The dosage can be increased considering the needs of the plants. Change half of aquarium water weekly.

1ml → 10L:
1.5ppm K, 0.7ppm N(3ppmNO3), 0.1ppm P(0.3ppmPO4), 0.3ppm Mg, 0.1ppm Fe, 0.02ppm Mn, 0.005ppm B, 0.002ppm Zn, 0.001ppm Cu, 0.0005ppm Mo, 0.0001ppm Co, 0.00005ppm Ni.

1,5% K, 0,7% N(nitrate(80%), amide, amino acids), 0.1% P, 0.3% Mg, 0.1% Fe(DTPA, EDTA), 0.02 Mn(EDTA), 0.005% B, 0.002% Zn(EDTA), 0.001% Cu(EDTA), 0.0005% Mo, 0.0001% Co, 0.00005% Ni.

Not suitable for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact. Avoid ingestion. Store in a cool, dark place. Small residue, color change is possible. This does not influence effectiveness. Shake before use.

250 ml, 1175 ml, 5000 ml.

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