Question: How might it be possible that one product is suitable for different aquariums?
Answer: Aquariums are different but the processes in them and the needs of plants are the same. Substantial differences are only between the aquariums with and without additional CO2 supply. The range of plants adaptations is wide. The plants must have the nutrients which are accessible in water in particular proportions and concentrations. In a week after disruption of the correct concentrations and the ratio boundaries – after the large water change and fertilizer dosing according to the recommendations, we return back to these boundaries and plants have all they need all the time. The fertilizer was tested in various aquariums in different conditions.

Question: Algae appeared. Is the fertilizer the reason of this?
Answer: The reason of the algae appearance can be only the lack of the fertilizer. The most common reason of algae appearance – CO2 shortage, too long lighting period, clogged filter, sour substrate, too many fishes in an aquarium, too little amounts of fertilizers etc.

Question: Can VIMI ACCELERATOR fully replace CO2 gas system?
Answer: No.

Question: Is there need for additional potassium, iron and other elements when using VIMI MICRO?
Answer: No. Everything necessary for plants, which grow without additional CO2 supply, is in the fertilizer. You have to watch the condition of the plants. If plants show the lack of some substances – increase the dosage of fertilizer.

Question: Is there need for additional elements: potassium, iron, nitrates, phosphates etc, when using VIMI ALL IN ONE?
Answer: No. Everything necessary for plants, which grow with additional CO2 supply, is in the fertilizer.

Question: When it is time to start using VIMI fertilizers after starting an aquarium?
Answer: You can start using fertilizer at once with a minimum dosage and increase dosage constantly. We recommend start using VIMI ACCELERATOR after a month after starting an aquarium.

Question: What is the difference between VIMI ALL IN RED and VIMI ALL IN ONE?
As I understand VIMI ALL IN RED is also suitable for green plants?
Answer: VIMI ALL IN RED composition is specially balanced to reveal the red colors of red color plants. The ratio of N-P-K, the form of substances is different from VIMI ALL IN ONE. This fertilizer has enlarged amounts of iron and microelements. It also has special supplement and is suitable for aquariums with enough intense light.
Observed effects of fertilizer:
Plants reveal more red color in a less intense lighting than with the fertilizer VIMI ALL IN ONE.
Plants grow slower.
Plants grow denser. Don’t grow long.
There is a bigger chance to invite algae with insufficient fertilizing and with a disbalance in aquarium water.
VIMI ALL IN ONE will be more effective in aquariums with green plants and with slow growing plants.

Question: I use VIMI fertilizers and in the instruction it is noted I should do 50 % water changing every week, can I change more water?
Answer: Large water changes every week help to maintain proper ratio and amount of nutrients help to washout algae spores it also helps to remove byproducts of aquarium biological activity which can slow down the growth of the plants and to stimulate algae growth.

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